The Point 2 Point Maps

The 2015 course is far from final, but you can get a good idea of what you’ll be up against by reviewing the course on  The course for 2015 should be close to last year – a few tweaks probably to keep you on your toes.  When you are ready to start pre-riding the course, you can download a gpx file from, or simply use the app while you are out there.

Stay tuned for some updates on the 2015 course, was out recently updating the Round Valley loop (three words for you, Rusty Shovel Descent).


The course is subject to change last minute. Be sure to follow the orange markings on race day – not your GPS device.

General Beta

Total Miles: 75 Miles
90% Singletrack (Probably more, but we don’t want the other races to feel bad)
12,000′ Elevation Gain (plus/minus a few hundred feet)
Average Finish Time: 8.5 – 9 hours (Fastest, sub 7 hours, slowest a little over 12 hours)

Very Brief Written Description of the P2P Course

Don’t try to ride the course using these as directions – you’ll get lost!

  • Start at Quinn’s Jct. Recreation Complex (Round Valley)
  • Quick lap in Round Valley and then back through Quinn’s Start/Finish area
  • Under 224 and up onto Skid Row and around on Lost Prospector
  • Into the Oaks area, up Snow Top and into Deer Crest and Deer Valley
  • Down Village trail and back up Pipeline and Deer Crest, up Four-Points to Silver Lake at Deer Valley
  • Leave Silver Lake on Mid-Mtn Trail and climb Big Bear
  • Round Flagstaff Loop, descend upper Boulder and then onto Moose Bones over to TG
  • Riders will stay on TG and then drop down to Mid-Mountain via Corvair
  • From Mid-Mountain riders will drop on to Sam’s Trail, then to Empire Link Trail
  • From Empire Link Trail racers will head to Park City Mountain Resort via Johns 99
  • DH Johns and then promptly climb back up via Drift Road,the Steps trail and Apex.
  • Descend to Shadow Lake via Keystone trail and circle it clockwise, finish top decent on Powerline Trail.
  • Climb up Thayne’s access road to the start of the Crescent Mine Grade (CMG) Trail descent – take it all the way to the base of Park City Mountain Resort (Refuel)
  • Climb up and out of Park City Mountain Resort Via Armstrong Trail to the Mid-Mountain Trail
  • Riders will stay on Mid-Mountain Trail and circle the East side of Iron Mountain, Up Iron Man and then down Gold Finger.
  • Continue heading to The Canyons on Mid-Mountain and on to Rob’s Trail.
  • Downhill Rob’s around on Rosebuds Trail and up, up, up,  Ambush
  • One last descent into the forum at the Canyons via Holly’s for a wonderful FREE concert and post-race meal