(This is the 2014 Racer Handbook, use it as a reference – It will be updated for the 2015 Event)


  • COURSE:  Course information is located under “The Race” tab on this site > find GPS maps there.
  • PACKET PICK-UP/RACER MEETING FRIDAY, August 29th, 2014:  Packet pick-up will be in the Forum at The Canyons from 3:00PM – 7:00PM on Friday, August 29th.  If you are racing, YOU MUST SHOW UP TO PICK UP YOUR NUMBER PLATE AND TO SIGN WAIVERS (your wife, your brother or your Mother, can’t sign the waiver for you – so please don’t ask).  We WILL NOT be doing any packet pickup on race day morning – sorry, it just is not logistically possible for us.
  • Racer Meeting will start at approximately 6:30PM >  in the forum at the Canyons.  It is recommended (but of course, we can’t make you do anything), so you should attend – we will probably give some stuff away to attending racers (Like a pair of RAMP KaPOW skis), and most importantly, you’ll know what is going on race day!
  • NOTE:  The People Mover Lift from the lower parking lot (by 7-11) will NOT be running Friday night, park in the Sun Dial Lodge Gravel Lot – just south of The Canyons Forum.
  • Weather Clause > The event is non-refundable.  If the scheduled Saturday race is ever forced into cancellation, the plan will be to run the race on Sunday of Labor Day weekend (as long as conditions permit).  Additionally, the race director has the ability to finish the race at Silver Lake in Deer Valley, or at Park City Mountain Resort, cutting sections of course as needed if racers are in danger.  Please be aware, we can’t predict or control the weather, we will do everything in our power to complete the race (but your safety is very important to us), your ENTRY IS NON REFUNDABLE.  Thanks for your understanding!
  • GOOD STUFF always, every racer gets a sick pair of dated custom P2P Sockguy socks – “Can You Do It?”  Of course, there are other benefits, wheel across the finish line and you’ll be sporting the “I did it” Liberty Bottleworks Bottle and Green Guru keychain. Stick around after the race and enjoy free musis, you’ll probably win something with your racer-raffle ticket – we always have one of the best raffles around!  We also feed you…. Grill Items, Chips, Cookie, and your choice of a Beer or Powerade.There are a limited number of Point 2 Merchandise items that we will be selling at Number Packet pick-up as well as on Saturday. Some items may be purchased here as well >  available online.
  • “I’M SOMEBODY” AWARD > Presented by Scott Sports and Inspired by the character from the movie The Jerk, Navin R. Johnson was elated to finally see his name in the phone-book and declared, “I’m somebody.”  I noticed that you typically see the same fast folks winning stuff because they take top-spots at all the races.  Well, this program is designed for those of us that typically finish out of the top 10!  We will draw a number between 41 and 275 (275 is our average for actual finishers), and these numbers represent finishing places on Saturday.  Lets say the number drawn is 191 and you are the 191st person to cross the finish line, you are going to win a Scott Dirt Jumper this year – complete bike.
  • Due to the ever-changing standings as we suss through DQ’s and getting to a final “official” results list (sometimes not until late the following week after the P2P), the “I’m Somebody” award is given to the person that wheels across the finish line as the XXth racer (whatever number is drawn on Friday night). We are well aware of the fact that the racer associated with the number will change during the week following the event, but we feel the approach we’ve taken gives us the random finisher selection we need to award the bike and to properly expose our Sponsor during the event (we want to announce the winner on Saturday).  The only way the winner would change from the finisher position on Saturday would be if they were Disqualified from the race for some reason.
  • LODGING:  If you’ve not found a place to stay in Park City, Please check out the deals being offered by some of our lodging partners on our lodging page.


  • START VENUE INFORMATION:  Important, please read:  You may not leave your car parked at the trailhead/start zone all day on race day.

Directions from Salt Lake City

  • Take I-80 East towards Park City
  • Take Exit 146 to merge onto US-189 S/US 40 S towards Heber/Vernal
  • Take exit 4 towards Park City
  • Merge onto UT-248 5. Take your first right into the Quinn’s complex

These are your options:

  • You can have someone drop you off that will watch the start and then leave (PLEASE – NO LEAVING VEHICLES AT THE QUINN’S COMPLEX DURING THE RACE).  Let your significant other know they can stay to watch as racers come back through the start area about 45 minutes after the start of the event.  We need to start clearing the Quinn’s Junction start area around 9AM.
  • You can park at the Canyons and then ride your trusty steed to Quinn’s Junction Start Area.  The route is mostly flat and there is a paved trial if you’d like.  It is 7 miles > Google Map Directions Here
  • The last option is to leave your car in the Park City Municipal Overflow lot (located here > Google Maps) It is just East of the start venue, your car can stay here all day (and night if you’d like).  It is about 2 miles if you use the rail trail to ride over to the start area on your bike.Did I mention that you Can’t Leave a Car at the Quinn’s Junction Parking Lot all day?  It will be towed at your expense.


We will provide a service to shuttle racer bags to the 1st (Silver Lake at Deer Valley) Support zone  (mile 28) and the 2nd (Bottom of Park City Mountain Resort) support zone (mile 53).  The bag/cooler must be no wider than 20″ please and SOFT SIDE or BAGS only please.  You will drop your bag(s) off at the start area before 6:30AM    – – – All bags will be available for pick-up at the finish line (The Canyons).


Race will start at 7:00AM on August 3oth, 2014.  The Start is located at the Quinn’s Junction Sports Complex on HWY 248 (coming into Park City from East off of HWY 40).  Parking is limited in the morning and you CAN’T leave a car at the start zone!


The PCP2P will be a “mass start” of sorts.  The event is chip timed, so you don’t need to be in front to have an accurate time. There will be four clusters spaced one minute apart from one another.  Where you start is up to you, don’t be a poser, race in the group you feel you’ll most likely finish in.

Start Groups:

  • 7AM Pro/Open  Men & Women
  • Sub 7 Hrs.  (start 2 minutes behind pro women)
  • 7 – 8 Hrs. (30 seconds off)
  • 8 – 9 Hrs. (30 seconds off)
  • 9 plus Hrs. (30 seconds off)


There will be 3 feed zones and an H20 only station

Deer Valley @ Silver Lake Lodge (Mile 28)  (Support and Spectators Must Park HERE and ride lift up)
H20 station (Mile 35) – don’t blow by this without topping off your water, you may regret it.
(Mile 53) Bottom of Park City Mountain Resort (Very Northern end of lower parking lot by First Time lift)
On the Mid-Mountain trail just when you really, really need it (Mile 62) !  This will have minimum supplies (Drink, GU, Chews, Coke and a few snacks).

The feed zones are not neutral  – meaning racers are not required to stop, if you spend 5 minutes at the feed zone and the guy behind you rides on – you’ll drop 5 minutes to him.

Additionally, these are fill-and-go support stations (meaning, we are providing the beverages to fill your bottles and hydration packs).  At most stations we have a lot of volunteers and they are happy to help you fill up.


You can take food/beverage anywhere on the course (that is legally accessible). Please read below about the official feed zones!

  • At Silver Lake Lodge (Upper Deer Valley) > this will be located at the top of Silver Lake Express.  ALL PUBLIC SUPPORT MUST BE DONE WITHIN THE ZONE WE MARK OFF – IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT WE DO NOT IMPEDE ON DEER VALLEY’S PAYING LIFT-SERVE MOUNTAIN BIKERS.  Each racer will receive 2 lift tickets for a FREE round trip ride up to Silver Lake (THERE IS NO PARKING AT SILVER LAKE THIS YEAR FOR THE PCP2P EVENT) > You Friends and Family MUST PARK HERE
  • Park City Mountain Resort (bottom of First Time Lift) > Again, please have your support crew use caution and stay clear of the racers getting to and from the PCP2P Support Zone.  There will be an area designated for private support.
  • The Park City Point 2 Point course is structured as open feed, meaning, someone can hand you food anywhere on course (that is safe and legally accessed of course).


1. Water
2. GU Brew
3. CarboRocket >  ingredients
4. Cold Coke (PCP2P Stations 2 and 3)

1. GU Gels (mix of Regular and Roctane)
2. HoneyStinger Chews
3. Honey Stinger Waffles

Assorted Real Food
Bananas, Oranges, Little Debbie’s, PB & J’s, assorted cookies, and Potato Chips.

If we don’t have what you like, you’ll need to carry your grub, or arrange for personal support at the feed stations.  We’ve tried to supply some variety, I’m certain we will not please everyone, and we do apologize for that.


We hate to do this, but for the safety of the racers (you) and protecting the event, we need to set a cut-off time just prior to the long and very hard to access (in case of emergency) section of Mid-Mountain Trail.   So racers not making it to the second aide/feed zone (Park City Mountain Resort) by 3:30PM (that gives you 8.5 hours to ride 53 miles) will be asked to forfeit their number plate to the race officials.  Of course we can’t make you NOT finish the event > so if you’d like to continue on your own, we will have a release for you to sign and you can then continue to the finish (your result will be listed as a DNF).


This needs to be done at the finish line with the race promoter.  Gather the details of your protest and present them before the presentation of the category awards being protested.  Once awards to the top five have been presented, they are final (positions below the top 5 can change after the award presentation but not after the day of the race).


Please, no headphones
Our support stations are fill-and-go, if you looking to beat Alex Grant this year and can’t wait, you better find someone to support you at the stations.
Be cool to the volunteers
BE KIND TO THE OTHER TRAIL USERS IN PARK CITY, just because you paid $150 to race doesn’t give you a license to be a douche out on our trails – these trails are for everyone and this IS NOT A CLOSED Course.  This race has been granted permission to exist, it can be taken away and we don’t want that.



BBQ sandwich and a cold drink (Moab Brewery Beer or Powerade) at the finish, you will get a ticket at the finish.  If you DNF somewhere along the line during the race, it is your responsibility to check in at the finish and get your BBQ ticket.

$12,000 PAYOUT:

The guaranteed cash payout to the open classes is listed below (thanks to our sponsors Scott Sports, Coke, Evol Foods and Liberty Bottleworks) and will payout 5 deep.

  • The Winner of Each Age Group Category Will Receive $300!
  • Open Class (Male & Female) 1st – $2,00o | 2nd – $1,000 | 3rd – $750 | 4th – $650 |  5th – $550


New approach to our raffle this year to make the event flow a little better.  When you finish you will get to draw a ticket – some are winners, some are not.  If you pull a winners ticket, you get to pick a prize from the table.   Don’t miss it, seriously -Khul, Hydrapak, JayBird headphones, day passes to the Canyons/Park City/Deer Valley, Scott Helmets, Evol Foods, Green Guru, and much, much more.


Tell all your friends and family!  To show our support of the Park City Community, we will be holding an Opportunity Drawing at the finish line of the PCP2P in the forum at The Canyons Resort.   All Proceeds will go directly to the Park City High School Mountain Bike Team.  We will be selling tickets the week prior to the event and all day at the finish area.  You Do Not Need To Be Present to Win.


$5 each or 5 for $20 (the odds are high because we will only sell tickets the day of the event)
Grand Prize:  Scott  Townie Bike
Additional Prizes:  RAMP Skis, 2014/15 Epic Pass at Canyons Resort, JayBird bluetooth headphones