Qis the race hard?
Ayes, it is really hard both physically and mentally.

Q…Is it easy to get lost, should I run a GPS, Should I pre-ride the course?
Ayou could, you should, and if you can, do it.  The Point 2 Point is an open course (trails not closed, or roped off) real mountain bike adventure style race.  You ride from one point to another, there are tons of trails that you pass by, cross over, bisect, etc, etc.  You get the point.  If you don’t want to get lost, study the course map, bring a cheat sheet, upload the gpx file and run a GPS unit, or pre-ride as much as you can.  We do a very good job of marking the course with orange spray chalk, arrows and ribbon, but with a course of this magnitude there will be some places that will challenge some racers.  Just be prepared, after all, getting lost is part of racing.

Q…Is the course open to feeds
AYes.  Because of limited access to the course for “official” or closed feed zones, you can take a hand-up from anywhere on the course that you would like to have someone meet you.

QProtesting Results
A…Of course, this needs to be done at the finish line with the race promoter.  Gather the details of your protest and present them before the presentation of the category awards.  Once awards to the top five have been presented, they are final (positions below the top 5 can change after the award presentation but not after the day of the race).

QCan I get a refund.
AQuick answer, no.  You are welcome to sell your entry to another racer – the transfer needs to happen officially through Point 2 Point Promotions though on the Athlete 360 site (click to link)  There will be a deadline enforced as we get close to race day.  After that date, there is no refund and no rain check (sorry).  Additionally, carefully read through the weather clause on the “Register Here” page of the site – the PCP2P can not provide full refunds in the event that the race is ever completely cancelled.

QCan I transfer my entry
A…As answered above, yes, but only in the year you purchased (entry can’t be transferred to the following year – sorry).  And yes, we will transfer you to a different category if you’d like.

Q…Is there a list of Racers
AYes, look on the “Categories/Roster” page.  Click the link and the classes are broken out here.

QAre there maps
AYes, look under “The Race” tab on this site.

QWhat class gets payout and how much?
AWomen’s and Men’s Open Class are cash payout.  Both fields pay 5 deep and are equal amounts to male/female, our total cash purse is typically around $12,000!  Each age group winner will also win a cash prize, usually in the amount of the race entry and a nights lodging!