SCOTT “I’m Somebody!”

The Fast People Always Win the Good SWAG!Tired of watching the same fast racers win everything at the races?  Well the P2P has the answer, the “I’M SOMEBODY” Award > Presented by Scott Sports.  


The promotion is Inspired by the character from the movie The Jerk, Navin R. Johnson, who was elated to finally see his name in the phone-book and declared, “I’m somebody.”  We’ve noticed that you typically see the same “fast” folks winning everything at events becausethey are fast!   This program is designed for those of us that typically finish out of the top 10!  We will draw a number between 40 and 275 (our average number of finishers), these numbers represent finishing places on Saturday.  Let’s say the number drawn is 191 and you are the 191st Person to cross the finish line… you are going to win a Scott Dirt Jumper!


Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 12.39.40 PMDue to the ever-changing standings as we suss through DQ’s and getting to a final “official” results list (sometimes not until late the following week after the P2P), the “I’m Somebody” award is given to the person that wheels across the finish line as the XXth racer (whatever number is drawn on Friday night). We are well aware of the fact that the racer associated with the number will change during the week following the event, but we feel the approach we’ve taken gives us the random finisher selection we need to award the bike and to properly expose our Sponsor during the event (we want to announce the winner on Saturday).  The only way the winner would change from the finisher position on Saturday would be if they were Disqualified from the race for some reason.